We design and manufacture the Best floor and wall medallions in the world
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Our decorative floor and wall medallions add interest to backsplashes of baths and kitchens.

Many medallions can be made 12 inches. We make Decos as small as 4 inches

Capri Bath

Minturno Bath Floor Medallion

Italiano Tile Bath Border

Diamonte Bath Tile Rug Medallion

Diamonte Floral Vines Bath

FloralVine Tile Border Surround

Floral Urn White Kitchen Backsplash

Portofino Range BackSplash

Diamonte tiimes 2 Bath

Felicia Backsplash

Monterossa Shower Wall Medallion

Tuscan Garden Floor and Wall

Monterrosa Bath

Lucca Bath Floor Medallion

Monterossa Bath Floor Medallion

Flowerpot Elegant Bath Backsplash

Raphaelle Rochelle Bath

Florence Tile Border Backsplash

Mangia Bene Range BackSplash

Portofino Kitchen Backsplash

Minturno Backlit BackSplash

Bath tile Rugs

Bath tile Rugs

Felicio Range Hood

Corina Backsplash

Carmela Border


Mountain Scene

Florence Tub


Riccio Picture

Perugio (patterned tile)

Palm Scene

Palio Patterened tile

Palio Shower wall

Toscano and Floral Vine


Verona with Scroll Accents

Piedemura Shower

Mangia Counter Top Backsplash

Floral Vine Border

Fluer de Lys Accents

Christina Border

HummingBirds Scene Tile Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash

HummingBirds Range BackSplash

Paradise Range BackSplash

Palazzo BackSplash

Toscano Range BackSplash

Pisa Border

Aspen Leaf Decos

Floral Urn Tile Mural Backsplash

Fiore De Ferro BackSplash

Floral Vine Sink Border

Birch Border

Rope Border

Butterfly Scene Shower

Adding a medallion under the range hood above your burners or counter protects the counters and walls from grease stains and steam damage, at the same time adds interest to your kitchen with individualistic modern design

Elegant Backsplashes
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